Board of Directors:


Dr. Vidya Sagar Hasija, Board Chair  

Dr. Vidya Sagar Hasija, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering), ME (Power System), MBA (Operation Management), has more than 30 years of experience in defense R&D projects of strategic importance and spin-off projects for societal mission. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Life Member, Laser Society of India, and Senior Member IEEE for the last 25 years

Dr. Balbir Singh Panwar, Director

(Past Board Chair)

Dr. Panwar has over 25 years of experience in health care and business sectors. He has served people at large through Rotary Club in Kenya, Canada and on international basis. He organized several free medical camps and Diabetic Awareness walks, and Heart Walks, fundraising wheel walk, Rotary Family Health days.

Zafar Iqbal Qamar, Vice Chair

Zafar has over 20 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. He holds a Master in (Eco & Social Studies) from University of Wales (U.K) and Research Analyst Program from Humber Institute (Canada).

Mervat Youssef, Treasurer & Secretary

Mervat Youssef is a demographer, researcher, statistician and data analyst. She is fluent in Arabic and English. She has a master’s degree in population studies from Cairo Demographic Centre (CDC). She also has a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Mervat is certified in Advanced Computer Studies. Her master’s degree thesis included adaptation of “European child feeding scoring and socioeconomic indices, to suit Egyptian children, which were applied in (CDC) for the first time and assisted students in their research papers”. Working for “Statistics Egypt”, she shared in various Egyptian surveys through gathering and analyzing population data.

Vivian Wei, Director

Vivian currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from York University, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Humber College.

Santosh Kadel, Director

Santosh has over 7 years of experience in Community Development. He holds a master’s in education and Postgraduate in Research Analyst Program.


Staff and Associates:

  • Dr. Srimanta Mohanty, Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Christopher McLeish, Researcher Director

  • Suresh Subramaniam, Data Scientist and Program Manager

  • Dr. Diamond Rattansi, Social Entrepreneurship Advisor

  • John Hopkins, Principal Consultant

  • Dr. Agnihotram V. Ramanakumar, Epidemiology and Public Health Expert

  • Obie Agusiegbe, Principal Environmental Consultant

  • Wonnette Parris, Financial Consultant

  • Ronit Nayak, Web Technician and IT Consultant

  • Madison Wilson, Research Consultant

  • Natasha Dixon, Social Policy Consultant

  • Anne Topp, Research Associate

  • Kiran Mata, Project Coordinator

  • Zachery MacKinnon, Research Associate

  • Maria Calautti, Research Associate

  • Taofikat Lawal, Research Associate

  • Sugandh Atre, Research Associate

  • Daniel Morayo, Research Associate

  • Niesha Belleus, Research Associate

  • Claire Jackson, Research Associate

  • Shelby Martindale, Research Associate

  • Jasleen Brar, Research Associate

  • Jacob Mathew, Research Associate

  • Amna Mohamed Arif, Research Associate

  • Sabrina Corridore, Research Associate (She/Her)

  • Nila Siboko, Research Associate

  • Diktshya Sharma, Research Associate

  • Ronak Ray, Social Researcher

  • Aarusha Pushparajah, Social Researcher

  • Yahya Saqib, Social Researcher

  • Haaniya Ahmed, Social Researcher